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Author Topic: [OTE] Offstring Tips w/ Enk Series  (Read 3049 times)


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[OTE] Offstring Tips w/ Enk Series
« on: November 26, 2017, 04:16:42 AM »
Hello, offstring players or whoever that is interested in learning 4A.

Due to the scarcity of 4A tutorials on YT. I have decided to create a tutorial series which I will be talking about miscellaneous information, tricks, and demonstrating some variation of 4A tricks [raw materials that you can use in contests] in a unique video format. I will be uploading new episode every 2 weeks [These videos are kinda hard to make, with time constraints, and I have to put in a lot of thoughts in each video].

I have gotten to know 4A since around 2011. The very first video that I saw was Lim Aik Hwee in AP08, and it inspired me to become an offstring player. Because I was young, and due to the high price of 4A yoyos, I was not able to get any 4A yoyos. I ended up spending many years just watching yoyo videos. I had noticed a lot of stuff in freestyles, and they helped me in my progress when I recently started doing actual 4A a couple of years ago. So, I decide to share you some of my perspective.

#1 - Offstring Snags
- Generally, snags occur from tight gaps. But what if your gaps are not tight, and you're still getting snags from offstring yoyos? This video explains why and offers you some techniques.

#2 - Introduction to Recapture [Part 1]
- Introducing you to 2 basic types of recapture; TH Recapture, NTH Recapture ending with your hands crossed, and dismounts.

#3 - Introduction to Recapture [Part 2]
- This sequel covers about the third type of recapture [Throwhand recapture that ends in starting position], emphasize on a certain type of dismount, and how to create simple combos out off these recaptures.

#4 - Pinwheel and Somersault
- Elaborated tutorial on offstring flips and their application.
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