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Author Topic: User's guide to YoYoNation's forum!  (Read 5752 times)
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User's guide to YoYoNation's forum!
« on: October 24, 2008, 08:29:13 PM »

Hello Nationites!

The purpose of the thread is to have a place that members can link to for frequently asked questions about using certain functions of the forum.


- Navigating the editor -

Text manipulation:
Tags: [b­][/­b]   This is a bold example!

Tags: [i­][/­i]     This is an italic example!

Tags: [­u][/­u]   This is an underline example!

Tags: [s­][/­s]   This is a strike through example!

Embedding Video:
To embed a video press the YouTube (embedding for YouTube videos is all that is supported at this time) image in the editor:

This provides YouTube tags ( [youtube­=425,350][/­youtube] ) in the editor:

In between the tags you simply put everything that comes after the v= in a typical youtube link:
If the URL is www. youtube.com/watch?v=_XlcSAXVoxs you only put _XlcSAXVoxs in between the tags.

This is what actually appears in the thread:

Embedding an image:
Before you can embed images you need to host an image on a popular image site like Photo Bucket, Flickr, Image Shack, etc.

To embed an image press the framed image in the editor:

This provide image tags ( [i­mg][/­img] ) in the editor:

This is what actually appears in the thread:

Another option for images:
Underneath the editor click on "Additional Options":

You will be prompted with an attach area.  Press the browse button and locate the file on your computer you wish to share.  This attached image will appear at the bottom of your post.  You can attach up to four images by pressing the "more attachments" link and locating the additional files on your computer.

Inserting a hyperlink:
To insert a hyper link press the Earth image in the editor:

This provides url tags ( [u­rl][/­url] ) in the editor:

This is what actually appears in the thread:
Click on the underlined text to visit the URL YoYoNation

Inserting a quote:
To insert a quote press the quote button within a thread:

Here is what the tags ( [quo­te][/­­quote] ) look like in the editor:

This is what actually appears in the thread:

You can reply up here...

Happy  Birthday!!!

Anything in this area will show up in the quote box.  Don't type your reply between the quote tags!!!


...or down here.

(Note: I have made the text that I typed bold to show the areas that my replies showed up after quoting)

Preview before you post:
I can not stress this one enough.  You have the option of previewing your post before ever hitting the submit button.  What this means is you can see how an image is going to display, if your video is embedded correctly (you can play the video in preview mode) and whether you have your text manipulations (bold, italics, underlined, strike through) just the way you want them.  The best part is, it is simple to use.

Before you submit your post press the preview button and wait for the generated preview of your post:

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Re: User's guide to YoYoNation's forum!
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2008, 08:39:38 PM »

- Navigating your Profile -

The profile button is found toward the top of the forum in between the "Search" button and the "Calendar" button:

After clicking the profile button, a Profile Information box will appear on the left side of your screen:

For the purpose of this section the focus is on "Modify Profile".

Account Related Settings:

- You can change your e-mail address and determine whether you want the public to see your e-mail address.
- You can also change whether you will appear online (at the bottom of the main forum) or be hidden.
- This is also the place to change your password (it's a good idea to change it every 6 months) and update your security question for password retrieval.

Forum Profile Information:

- I have my own pic allows you to link any hosted image as your avatar.  The image will be compressed to fit the constraints of the forum's pixel limit.
- I will upload my own picture allows you to select an image from you computer.  The forum will notify you if your avatar is too big and you will need to resize it.
- Currently, avatars are restrained to 150x150 pixels, but for best results try to stay under the 140x140 pixel range.
- Users are allowed to have animated avatars, but are asked to remain under 100kb for our dial-up users.

- Personal text appears under your avatar (if you have one)
- Birthdate displays your date of birth on your profile and places the date on the forum calendar.
- Location shows other users where you live.
- Gender only allows you to select male or female, if you are "other" you can opt to leave it blank.
- MYSPACE link: One of the most common errors in people's profiles.  When providing your MySpace link you only provide what appears after: www.myspace.com/
Yoyonation's MySpace page is www.myspace.com/yoyonation so the only thing they would put in this text box is yoyonation the rest is automated.
- Custom title appears under your screen name.
- Signature may contain hosted images and/or text.  Your signature only appears in the initial post on each page of a thread.  Your second post on any one page will NOT contain your signature.
- Website title is the title of the URL if you wish to provide a website.  Yoyonation may choose a title of "Join the Nation"
- Website URL is the fully qualified (include http://) URL of the website you wish to link in your profile.

Look and Layout Preferences:

- Current theme there are five different themes to choose from by clicking on the "change" link.
- Time format gives the option of how you want the time and date displayed.
- Time offset allows you to change the forum time to match your timezone. 
- If you are on dial-up and are being slowed down by other users avatars or signatures this is the place to disable them.
- "Use quick reply on topic display" many users ask about this function allowing them to have a quick reply box available while reading threads and here it is.

Notifications and Email:

- Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email.
- Receive reply notification only for the first unread reply.
- Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic.
- When sending notification of a reply to a topic, send the post in the email.
- Shows what topics and/or boards you are receiving notifications about.

Personal Message Options:

- Allows you to set up an ignore list if you are being harassed by a forum member or if you simply wish to ignore them in the future.
- Save a copy of each Personal Message in your outbox.
- Show a popup when you receive new messages.
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Re: User's guide to YoYoNation's forum!
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2008, 09:24:58 PM »

- Navigating Personal Messages -

Clicking on xx messages takes you to the last page of your inbox.  The top of your inbox provides the date/time, subject and user that sent you a message.  Clicking on the subject will take you directly to that message.  You can also scroll down to see all the messages on that page of your inbox.

The outbox is setup the exact same way.  The default forum setting keeps a copy of your sent Personal Messages in your outbox.

There are several ways to send forum users Personal Messages.  One option is to click on the user's screen name to view their profile.  At the very bottom of the user's profile page there is a link allowing you to send them a Personal Message and it opens the editor with there user name in the "To:" text box.

From the Personal Message panel (click on xx messages to navigate back to the panel) you can click "New Message". 

To: is the intended recipient of your message.  It has autocomplete based on user names meaning as you start to type the user's name the textbox will begin to find users that begin with those letters.  There is also an option to look users up via user name, real name, or e-mail address.
Bcc­: stands for blind carbon copy.  If you are in a trade and you would like to involve anyone else such as moderators in your message you can "blindly" send them the message without the "To:" recipient knowing.

Note: if you need to send more then one person a message you simply add a comma after each forum member's screen name.
Example: "Weber","YoBemis","Pat_Cuartero"

All the functionality that a user would find in the post editor is available in the Personal Message editor as well.
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