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Guides and Guidlines to Modding Forum (Please read before starting a new topic)

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THE wood dwarf:
This board seems to be cluttered with redundant questions, please do the following if you starting new topic:

Check the Guides
Check the guides listed below, they have lots of nifty info and how-to's about modding and maintaining your yoyos

If the guides don't help, there's a little red button up towards the top of your screen, right in between the "help" and "profile" buttons. Its easy to use, you can even search specific forums! Try searching for past topics that have addressed the issue you want to know about

And if those dont help, then post, but remember to:
Think About what Your Going to Post
Make sure what your going to post is clear, and easy to understand. Try to be specific with what your asking for/about.

Modding for Dummies - Learn the basics of modding yoyos from KyYoYo881
Basic guide to painting yoyos - gracieyoyogirl's guide to the basics of yoyo painting
Guide to Satin finishing - Learn how to put satin finish on your yoyo from david w
Modding Raiders - Pat Cuartero's Definitive guide to modding Raiders
How to make String - Gsimian's Tutorial on making string
Lathe Buying Guide - Kyo's guide to purchasing your lathe
Metal Qualities/Anodizing - Guide to the differing qualities of different metals that are used in yoyos
How Ando Paints - Ando Comandos guide to how he does his paint jobs
How to make Baz-Pads - Baz monkeys famous tutorial on making his custom pads
How to dye a plastic yoyo - How To Dye Absolutely Any Plastic by IV

Thanks for reading!

happy modding

Orange Crust:
So this is where the stickies went! I can alredy see that some people havn't read this though  :-\

you forgot to lock this thread?
immortalized, we have been.

Immortality feels kinda cool, unless of course you're just leaving this open for suggestions. If so, I think the list of trustworthy modders would be handy to have up there.

maybe this can be added as well?

I hope its not considered spamming. Its a guide (work in progress) to how anodizing works, what it is and lots more side info.


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