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Author Topic: MANDATORY Rules of the B/S/T - (NEW UPDATE 2/28)  (Read 12205 times)

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MANDATORY Rules of the B/S/T - (NEW UPDATE 2/28)
« on: August 11, 2009, 06:27:14 PM »
Please abide by these rules. They have been discussed by a wide variety of people, and agreed upon by the moderators. The rules are in place only to make the B/S/T a cleaner and more streamlined place. We want to make things as quality as possible for the majority of users. If you have any questions or comments regarding the rules or your thread, feel free to PM me or one of the other moderators.

All rules are created with the ultimate goal of streamlining the B/S/T, and making it fair for all users. Posts may be deleted if they seem to work against this principle at the sole discretion of the moderating/administration staff.

-  One active topic per user. You can request a lock or deletion of your old threads, but you should only have one thread that is not in locked status in the BST at a time. For example, you may change the topic to "Lock this please" and open a new bst.  You do not need to continuously edit your old post, just make sure a mod knows to delete it. Or just wait a few days until it falls off the first couple pages. The goal is to consolidate multiple threads  in the BST that a user has open at a time.

- One "bump" per day. That is one bump per 24 hour period. The original post is the bump on the first day of the thread. As in, you just have to wait until the next "day" not a full 24 hours. We consider any post made by the OP for the sole sake of bumping a post a bump. Replies to questions in the thread related to general information are not considering bumping. You may reply to your own thread when general questions are asked, but if you double post, or if there is not a valid post (see below) that you respond to, then it is considered a bump. Repeated Violation of this rule will result in having your thread deleted. You will receive some sort of warning or contact to let you know that you are in the wrong.

- These are BST threads not conversation threads. Questions on topic are allowed, but should not be abused. If the impression is that you are giving a free bump to someone else, then your post will be deleted. Offers are best sent in PM's, but are allowed in the thread of the B/S/T as long as the thread specifies they are accepting offers. This means that we don't want PM notifications, "free bumps," your opinion on the prices, or anything off topic. These (and only these) type of posts will simply be deleted, and the thread will be de-bumped.

- Do not trade or ask to trade for any items that cannot be legally purchased by users under the age of 18. - This includes knives, tattooing kits, and airsoft guns. This a forum geared toward younger users, and those items have no place here.

- The B/S/T forum is for use for private individuals, not to sell full product lines or yoyo runs. - If you would like to sell a full yoyo run, please contact the Yoyonation store.  

- If your post is deleted, please do not repost it. - You may find that after you make a post in the B/S/T, it has been deleted. This is not an error, this is a moderator/administrator removing your post because it violates one of the above rules. The violation should be obvious (if you've read these rules), but you will, for the most part, receive a PM notification of why your post was deleted. If not, please PM a moderator or administrator, rather than reposting.

- No Raffles! - Raffling of any sort is prohibited here. By "raffling" we mean any sort of selling tickets or chances to "win" a yo-yo. If someone is paying for a "chance" it is a raffle. Technically, it's actually gambling, which is prohibited by state and federal law for those underage. If you are accepting any money for an item, and that item is not guaranteed to the person who paid you, then you are "raffling" and this is against the rules. However, it's completely awesome to give away yo-yos for free. As long as no money is being exchanged, give to your heart's content.

-Final Suggestion:  Please use the strike through option when your sale is complete, rather than deleting, so that this board can better serve as a good reference for future traders. It also helps to ask for your thread to be locked, rather than deleted. This allows you to have a handy reference for the exact language of your thread and pictures used, should any trading problems arise. This is only a helpful suggestion.

- Adding Fees for Paypal is Prohibited by their User Agreement: Forcing the buyer to pay the fee is actually against the Paypal User Agreement and can result in funds being confiscated by paypal and the account closed.

"4.5 No Surcharges. You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as a payment method. You may charge a handling fee in connection with the sale of goods or services, as long as the handling fee does not operate as a surcharge and is not higher than the handling fee you charge for non-PayPal transactions."

Thank you for your cooperation in making this board the best it can be!
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