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New Oldish Guy
« on: December 19, 2017, 09:11:12 PM »
Copied and pasted from another forum that I just joined so I donít have to type it all again,

Hey, folks. A little about me. I guess Iíd be a bit of an old fart if my assumptions about the current crowd are even close to accurate. I just recently picked a yoyo up again (two weeks ago) and it seems a lot different from when I had one last. I was 15 and it was a Bumblebee. I thought that yoyo was the best thing and I thought I was at least above average with it. A lot has changed in the last 18 years. Iím relearning everything. I canít even get the thing to sleep straight every time, yet. But it did spark my interest again and Iíve spent the last two weeks watching trick videos and tutorials and looking at yoyos. Thereís a lot more info now that the internet is in my hand. No more trying to decipher a trick book, lol. Iíve also learned that the tricks I thought were cool, more advanced tricks are just basics and that not only am I not awesome, I never was, lol. Itís very humbling.

The reason Iím here is because I need a cheaper hobby to occupy my time. I guess Iím a bit of and odd duck in my crowd. Most of my friends and coworkers are into normal things like sports and fantasy leagues. I play paintball. Iím obsessed with it. I sold my television and Xbox a while back when funds were tight. The obsession with paintball is so severe that every time Iíve got money saved for a new television, I buy paintball stuff. But that hobby gets really expensive really fast. And I also started a new job that has me working every weekend and so when the fields are open, Iím not available. They gave us Target gift cards at work for Christmas and when I went to spend mine, I found a Duncan Butterfly XT. In a ďwhy notĒ nostalgic moment, I bought it. I canít hit the old tricks every time but I could hit them enough that I started playing more. Thatís when the google searching came. Now Iím here. The XT is fun but I feel like I wanna go further than it can. For $5, I donít hate it. But I want slightly nicer. Iím looking at a Sage and whatever the one with the adjusters on the sides is. Iím working on a breakaway throw and The Man On The Flying Trapeze so that I can start playing in limited space.

Iím looking forward to getting back into this again. Sorry for the WOT.