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Author Topic: Breaking my collection down: YYF (some special editions) & ILYY metals  (Read 693 times)


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I've got part of my collection up for sale. I've been out of the yoyo scene for several years now, and finally decided to start getting rid of stuff. Send me a message if you're interested

Black 888x (decent condition: a couple dings and scuffs) -- $50

YYF Genesis pink/black splash (pristine condition) -- $80

YYF Genesis blue/purple (decent condition: seveal dings, scratches in paint. Nothing breaks the surface of the metal, purely cosmetic. Plays fine) -- $55

YYF ROCKstar b-grade (has a couple small flat steps and buffs in the paint; plays great) -- $45

YYF Supernova grey/gold splash (great condition: one tiny pinprick, plays great) -- $75 SOLD

Jon Rob Supernova green/purple splash (perfect condition) -- $90

Paul Han edition Rockstar blue/orange (great condition: two very slight discoloration spots on the rims) -- $70

YYF G5 blue w/multicolor hubstacks (perfect condition: thrown only a few times) -- $60
[pics will be up soon]

I Love YoYo Fury gloss finish (has two sizeable scuffs, and smaller dings) -- $55

Shipping is in addition to the price of the yoyo. Hit me up if you're interested
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