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Author Topic: Some nice yoyos FS/FT  (Read 4304 times)


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Some nice yoyos FS/FT
« on: June 11, 2017, 08:51:14 AM »
I am trying to downsize my collection, and i'm starting with the yoyos i don't use as much. All of these will be for sale or trade, so pm me with offers and ask if you want pictures. Worst i can say is "no thanks", so don't be afraid to offer or ask me for pictures or clarification. I may be looking for a specific price on the yoyo, but otherwise, offer yoyos, money, or any combination. If a yoyo is gone or pending, I will be sure to let you know. The Coming Soon throws will be available by the end of the week, but you can still ask to reserve it. I am able to keep yoyos on hold for 4 days at a time, but they can only go there if you are serious about buying or trading. If you have anything on my "wants" list, let me know if you are willing to get rid of it/them

CLYW/ PoolParty

Canvas - gravy boat, dead smooth, one ding, NMWB Offer PENDING

Puffin 1 - first run jack rabbit, mint with box and very rare, dead smooth

Orca - confetti, couple of marks, dead smooth

Bonfire - red with white splash, one small scuff, dead smooth, no box

Blizzard - frozen battery, fg for ano flaw, nmwb and smooth( probably keeping for now, open to offers)

Manatee - Purple wayfarer, mint, dead smooth, no box GONE

Banana Hammock - pink to dark pink fade, beat hard, very smooth GONE

Borealis - golden hour, fg for tiny vibe, nmwb GONE

Arctic Circle - camp caribou, couple of flatspots and scratches, dead smooth GONE

Bear vs Man 2 - 28 stories, fools gold, near mint, one scuff that did not break ano, very smooth GONE

Wooly Marmot 2 - solid black, near mint, couple of pinpricks, very smooth GONE

Puffin 2 - blue, mint with box, GONE

Kayak - purple ombre, mint with yuuki signed box GONE


Metal Severe 2010 - red and blue swapped halves, couple of marks, smooth

G5 - Icon silver, mint, no box, dead smooth

NineDragons - red with silver splash, plastic and delrin caps, fun yoyo

Cyborg2 - black, light scratches around rims, dead smooth OFFER

Shaqlerstar - mint, smooth

Shutter - red/black, first run, beat, sanded and polished rims

Cypher - Prague edition, Some marks that don't affect play, dead smooth

Monster - half John Chow blue/half purple, some scratches from 3a, smooth

Electrick top - green, scuffs, plays very well

Shutter - sunset, dead smooth, matte, mint

TI Dream - sparked, #67 GONE

D10 - Gold, near mint, one flatspot, smooth OFFER GONE

Superstar 2016 - Black, mint, dead smooth OFFER

ReGen - solid black (rare colorway), mint, smooth, GONE

New Boss - red, mint, dead smooth, been thrown 3 times, $25

Edge - silver/black fade, near mint, very light scratches on rim, GONE

Dream AL - light blue, near mint, one tiny scratch, dead smooth, GONE


EX - Black with gold rings (very rare colorway) mint, dead smooth, , OFFER GONE

One Drop

Parlay - black with red speckle, NQP for ano flaw, Mint PENDING

Kuntosh - Black and gold, mint, no box

Kuntosh - near mint, tiny pin prick, yellow with green and purple, dead smooth GONE

Cascade - black with red and silver splash, dead smooth, near mint GONE

General Yo

KLR - green, near mint, smooth,

Entheos - yellow and blue, hard coat, near mint, smooth

Essence - blue, mint,dead smooth, no box


Void, blue candy coated, some scuffs, very smooth, does not cut strings


Draupnir -  mint with box, first run, matte black

rebellion butcher - some scuffs, green, dead smooth, no box

Deal sweeteners:

Replay GONE
2X loop 360
Blazing team metal max   Gone
YYF superstar 2014 b grade
Misc. Bearings and string


Anything ILYY
New yoyofactory bi-metals or old 888's
Any metal YYR
Any basecamps
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Re: Some nice yoyos FS/FT
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2017, 01:18:05 AM »
Interested in Parlay!