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Author Topic: MB's BST Own a powder...if you want...new yoyo's added Eneme, Genesis  (Read 1812 times)


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Some of our yoyos that just don't get used anymore so would like to move them on to someone who would use them.

Paypal preferred but open to other

US only

Sale only


YYF Genesis-in a gloss black and white powder coat. Seats and response are stock purple ano so the clear flowable in it adds a nice touch. Was also a beater that got the once over with powder. Has some mild vibe but plays awesome. $45
Eneme-Gloss white gap and mirror red hubs. Has a blue flake over the whole thing. Pics barely show the blue flake. Was a beater even prior to getting powder coated so it has some vibe. Has brand new red pads. One of a kind for sure! $45
DV888-Translucent violet/red powder coat has spiked axle will ship with stock axle as well plays excellent $40
One Drop Dietz Clear-Clear metallic powder coat side effects are candy raspberry w/gold flake has some vibe may have been some type of B-grade not sure vibe when I got it $45
YYF 44-Translucent blue/green powder coat bought it very used and is vibey axle was a mess but has been replaced with a larger one. Plays nice but again was beat to begin with, nice starter throw looks amazing $25
YYF Boss-Half Neon green & half gloss black powder coat with a gold flake clear powder on top. Polished speckle shows through. Play very nice slight slight vibe. One of a kind no doubt! $45
YYF888-Has a Translucent candy orange & violet powder coat comes with the Dice stacks one of the stack bearings is a little "slow" but this yoyo plays like a stocker. Super slick $60
Yomega Maverick-Mirror yellow/black powder coat. One of the response pads is a bit worn but plays nice slight vibe. $15
YYF Whip-Smoothed the finish a bit and it has two painted hub-caps. Plays like a Whip has seen some action for sure. Will ship with stock axle as well. $5 or free with purchase of Maverick,Dietz,888,DV888,Boss or 44
Yomega Hot Shot-Has Stainless steel paint job. Plays like a Hot Shot has some spider cracks around the axle nut. $8 or free with the ones listed with the Whip.

These powders will set you aside from the others. You won't see them anywhere else.
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Re: MB's BST Own a powder...if you want
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New yoyo's added