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Author Topic: Deadly Spins Wrath Proto1: First Impression  (Read 17954 times)


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Deadly Spins Wrath Proto1: First Impression
« on: August 04, 2012, 03:28:36 PM »
Well today I received my proton of the upcoming first release of Deadly Spins. This is the proto which is a gram heavier then the production run. So this is a first impression of the wrath at 65 grams.

This is going to be short and to the point. When I receive me preproduction run Wrath I will be writing a full review.

To keep this short


The Wrath proto comes in a black anodized that I believe is sodablasted but I'm not entirely sure. Whatever finish it has it grinds great. The shape is extremely comfortable and has an amazing shape that many these days will love. It's smooth as glass and stable. It's the perfect weight togive a light and fast play. I can closely compare it's play to an X3 La Goutte (which many claim to be the best Yoyo they've played). So you know it plays great. It's overall an amazing Yoyo and when these drop don't make the mistake of bot picking one up.

Now I dont know how the production version plays yet but I think the proto is amazing and needed no changes as far as overall construction. Being a gram lighter should make it play a bit different but I'm really eager to try it out.

So to everyone save up your money and put it somewhere safe so you can pick up this bad boy. You won't regret it and this is just a first impression.

Expect a full review and even a video featuring this bad boy!

Deadly Spins has a huge fan of their work!