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Author Topic: Aspire -- My first upbeat song in some time...  (Read 1192 times)


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Aspire -- My first upbeat song in some time...
« on: April 19, 2012, 12:19:33 PM »
"So, the guys over at Propellerhead have made this nifty little app called Figure.  And in this app, they have two instances of Thor, one instance of Kong, the Reason mixer (including master bus compression), and a sidechaining feature.  And yes, you can tweak things and record loops and such.  

I was fiddling with Figure this past Friday and found a simple, yet catchy, bassline.  It was a six-hits-per-bar pattern that goes from C for one bar, D for another one, and then E for two bars.  It was catchy, and easy enough to do...Unfortunately, I couldn't get the song-aspect I wanted by messing with Figure; so I set out to put it into Reason.

When I finally managed to figure out how to draw the notes in, I made my first loop of the bass, and a simple four-on-the-floor drum pattern with some sidechain compression.  A few experiments with effects, lucky "hey, this sounds nice" harmonies and my very mediocre knowledge of how to create a song from scratch; and viola, a song is born.

I'm at a loss on what genre I generally end up making, but I'm labeling this one "Club House".  It isn't really progressive, electro, minimal, etc...so why not.  Let's call it club."


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