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Title: flipbook maker3D Flip Flash Technology to Save the Environment
Post by: dpageflip on August 20, 2012, 11:55:09 PM
With many more people becoming aware of the global climate change that is taking place around us, an increasing number of them are starting to understand their negative impact on the environment. Thankfully flash page flip (http://www.flip-book-maker.com/flip-book-maker-for-pdf-pro-mac/index.html), a lot of them are taking steps to mitigate that negative impact.
There are many ways that one can help save the environment. One way to do so is by reducing the consumption of certain products that harm the environment, whether during their production process or through the way that they're used. Probably the most well known example of this is the burning of fossil fuels, primarily used in the form of gasoline and diesel in cars all across the globe.
The idea of conservation can be extended to other natural resources as well. Fresh water, for instance, is a dwindling natural resource that many people take for granted, and think that it's OK to waste as much as they like since it's just water. Such reckless waste of natural resources needs to be curbed if we wish to save the environment.
In a similar vein reducing the consumption of plastic products is crucial and necessary since plastic doesn't degrade. One other product that is ubiquitous and is used in large quantities is paper. Taking into account your paper consumption is paramount, if you wish to save the environment.
We don't really see the wastage of paper as a problem, and most people aren't even aware of the fact that it is actually a pretty big problem. While paper does degrade it doesn't necessarily have to since we now have the technology to recycle most of the paper we use on a daily basis pdf creator on mac (http://www.flip-book-maker.com/flip-book-maker-for-pdf-mac/index.html), and it is true that there are areas of the world where up to fifty percent of the paper used is being recycled. While those numbers are on the rise all across the globe much more can be done, because the other fifty percent eventually finds itself in landfills where it can't be of any use to anyone.
Technology has stepped in to curb our use and waste of paper, thanks to the ability of carrying information digitally. One example of this being the 3D Page Flip flash technology which allows one to create the exact same thing that they would otherwise print on paper but without actually using paper at all.
The 3D Page Flip flash technology creates what is called a 3D eCatalog or a flash catalog, basically a digital version of anything that would normally be printed on paper - whether it's a newspaper or a book, or catalogs or brochures or sales reports or instruction manuals. This sort of media comes with many advantages over traditional printed media. Firstly, there is a reduction in the cost of paper and printing, since a 3D eCatalog need never be printed. Secondly, the costs associated with sending your publication to your intended audience. You can save thousands of dollars flip book maker (http://www.flip-book-maker.com), otherwise spent on postage, since the 3D Page Flip flash catalog is available online 24x7.